Day Four: Sad Poem

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


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He painted the windows black but I can’t help but to look in (x2)

He painted the windows black but I have broken in, glass (shatter sound)

Just a single pane,

Reveals his motionless face,

“For so long you were mine.  I remember when you were mine”

Funny how it keeps us apart, humming, drumming, heart-beating time.

If I could say anything I’d say Listen up

The world is a maze find someone you enjoy traversing with Buttercup.

I can see how it feels like you’re all alone,

Because honestly, it’s all you’ve ever known,

It was too dark in your home, you had to leave the confines,

Initially burnt by so much sunshine,

Allow me to be your aloe, soothe and restore you,

It’s beautiful out here, I won’t ever ignore you,

The reality is crashing waves at my feet,

Kissing my toes, contemplation of retreat,

Reality is an expansive cage,

Silver smoke and glittery opal stage,

We were a molten lava created clay vessel,

Scarlet naranja canary, Violet cobalt blades of grass and flower filled temple,

In memoriam to the fact that I will never again see your face,

Raise your glass, let us toast, all the Ones, who have been re-placed



Day Three: A poem that takes time

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


I thought I heard you once, singing to me in my sleep,

I woke from fevered daze, reminding myself for years via almost forgotten melody,

Once I thought I would cup your rose tips

But the softness was actually ashes,

I don’t have time for your lack of reactions,

You be the base, I’ll be the acid,

I want only my name whispered by your lips,

Can you occupy more than just my hips?


Leafy footsteps,

sunset approaches,


I don’t mean to sound like I’m like lacking gratitude,

Mama said “better pick a good one, watch your attitude”

Trusting the River when all its ever done is try to drown me,

I’m caught in the undertow, can you be a lifeline and surround me?

This is the part where there is clarity, fate or chance?

No, I think this is the part where we danced.


If we’re witnessing a great fracture,

Is it possible that we ourselves are the suture?

Coexisting parallels,

Cyclical before and afters, heavens and hells,

I thought I heard you once singing to me in my sleep,

Trying to remember that you only speak to me in melodies.


Listening like an astute grasshopper,

Lucky like a dragonfly visiting a Poet, Priest and Pauper

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You were a summer thunderstorm and I was the raindrops in your palm

It was a rush,

I felt concussed

The moment my lips first collided with you,

I was in love, you were my lemongrass honeydew,

Honey who? Honey you? How did we end up like this?

Separated by the abyss,

Sometimes I think you didn’t even exist,

But then I hear the bass thumping and I know you did,

Thank you for everything,

My Medicine, my King.


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Piglets-First-Beauty-PageantEarning and taking privileges, pearls, swine, Kings

Asking simply profound indigo inquiries:

Is your heart an opal, reflecting sweet multi-chromatic sunbeams?


We are endless sky and telescope,

Drum hum heart beating hope.


We can’t stop the wheels of this train from turning,

Hell is freezing, heaven burning.


I sink into scarlet lime like well worn sweater,

Will you pull the thread, or let it stay together?


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Judge Not



Bathed in cobalt moonlight, I drive to your window,

The light’s off, nobody’s home,

Maybe you’re there, wrapped in velvet gray, on the cool wooden slabs, forehead telling stories of your perceived failures,

Better to keep driving, nobody’s home,

Who was the firecracker who burned so brightly in the sunshine of your youth?

Now, the days are both a flash and wearily long,

You walk down the corridors of the past as if you are seeking permanent residence,

Where will you make your home?

These are the questions you dare not ask,

Allow me to inquire into your fog,

I will appreciate the haziness with fervor of sloth,

By December none of this will have mattered,

If it ever really mattered at all,

I played with fire and danced in the rain the same place she wept for your gaze,

I see the star you shared and I see it’s decay,

You are the grim reaper who breaks his own heart time and time again,

Fear your only constant lesson,

I will not write you love songs or poems, I will only write that I hope in time you will love you,

Sun charged stones lining paths of healing and truth,

May you find space to rest your fins, furrowless brow,

Third eye kissed, limerance, holy tryst, take my bow


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Betrayed, Poetry


You put the lure on the hook and I bit,

Ready to be sacrificed at the altar of you,

You pulled me from crystal streams sunlight glinting and admired my scales,

Ran your knife against my tender flesh,

Pondered making me your evening meal,

But then, seeing yourself in my condition,

Released me back into the ocean,

Bloody cheeked, I swim on

NaPoWriMo Day 28: Postcard

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


Wish you were here,

at the altar of truth clear,

Cognizant of the preciousness of each breath,

Gulping in today knowing full well this will only end in death,

I wanted to hold your hand as we crossed graves,

Holding each other up and pretending it was okay,

Enjoying moments as we could but now that has all gone away,

Memories like blankets, covering former days,

I would have happily cocooned with you in hell,

Ascending, descending and back again, I now, wish you well,

But I quite rather wish you were here,

At the altar of forgiveness of absolution of fear,

At the altar of unlived years,

Songs yet to be sung in less than perfect harmony,

I didn’t want to, but I loved you and it will be, what it will be.


NaPoWriMo Day 25 Warning Label . . . For Yourself!

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


Do not deprive her of conversation,

She wants to know you beyond your favorite radio stations,
She wants to know what makes your heart lift and if she can help,

She can be a little intense and thinky, you will soon see for yourself,

Do not her deprive of nature, her home is as valued as is the road,

If she doesn’t have music or art, she will certainly im/explode,

Cover in kisses, allowing space for her to miss you,

She will naturally give love, if not returned, it may be a momentary issue,

She will wonder if her gaze and heart should lie elsewhere,

Because she seeks control when she’s scared,

But when focused, she sets the world aglow,

Do not doubt her, it only makes her power grow,

Do not doubt her love enduring and steadfast,

Or you may find yourself a fixture of her past,

Nothing more does she dread than an ending,

So she will  instead follow her bliss, ascending

NaPoWriMo Day 24: Elegy

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


For someone who seemed to grasp their mortality you now seem to not grasp onto shit,

Fill your head up with nonsense, trying not to be sad to exist,

Storm cloud self created, you should be basking in loves rays yet,

You find a way to distance from everything but maybe you’re just a shade loving plant,

Am I the sun scorching you or am I the moon inviting you to dance?

Are we already saying goodbye?

Maybe if you can’t tell me your name, but I’ve only got time,

Or do I? See I really don’t know, life goes fast until it goes slow,

For now all I need is to know,

Are we walking this path alone or together?

Be prepared to rise if you stick around, bird, meet your feather

NaPoWriMo Day 23: Poem Based In Sound

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


May majesty be revealed — speedily, imminently, to which we say Amen.

We wait and wait and it seems like nothing happens,

But the seeds are bursting under the weight of soil,

There is a season to wait and a season to toil,

The loop of eternity weaves it’s strings through us

And we dance like puppets,

Regaling moments of silence and pleasure,

Hoping we find the perfect balance of work and treasure,

Knowing we only have moments, we say Amen,

Bow our heads and every day, speedily, imminently, try again.