Day 13: Something That Is Mysterious/Spooky

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


You told no lies, also no secrets,

Locked in inner labyrinth, kicking and fixing, lacking regret,

You on the brink,

You but a blink,

Make it til you fake it, extinct.


Image: Trolleborg labyrinth Blue Virgin – Blåkulla island. Photo: Sigge Sundström

A. Miner: Refrain





Caked in soft mud,

Squinting in sparkling sun,

I rise to a new day,

The cracked horizon, I survey,

I mined for diamonds in the depths of you,

Above ground, lime lush, you had a different view,

Golden canary of your affair sang,

I pray for strength to endure real or perceived pain,

Is this really how our paths part?

I fear there is no way out of my labyrinth heart,

Now at the center, I will follow way opening,

So shall it be said, so shall it be.