Day Nine: Sei Shonagan Style List of Things (Things that lift the heart)

NaPoWriMo2019, Poetry

Like milk on your lips,

Cherry scarlet rose petal tips,

Golden amber sunsets and ocean citrus sunsets,

Groundhog-less days and no regrets,

Another chance, a word well articulated,

Love and unity that flourish in spite of the debated,

Spoon in the mug,

Warmth of a hug,

A hope of a new tomorrow,

Tears caught with every sorrow,

Fireflies, sparklers and glitter,

It’s official,

The past is making me better not bitter




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Ophedian’s Osculation



It’s coming for us (x3)


Tick tock death’s metronome,

Sickle re-directing infinite cyclical unknown,

What’s the point of this waiting room, are we a cosmic joke?

Some of us choose blindness, others from fevered dreams now awoke,

Wars, genocide, famine, orphans, murder in cold blood, murder in a fire of fury,

Scarcity, insects, rapist’s secrets buried,

It’s coming for us (x3)


So I will cultivate wonder until I’m called home,

Faithful pilgrim, defiled hands and joy filling the marrow of my bones,

If there is a shadow there too must always be light,

“Surely you will not perish,” open up and take a bite.