Day Four: Sad Poem

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


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He painted the windows black but I can’t help but to look in (x2)

He painted the windows black but I have broken in, glass (shatter sound)

Just a single pane,

Reveals his motionless face,

“For so long you were mine.  I remember when you were mine”

Funny how it keeps us apart, humming, drumming, heart-beating time.

If I could say anything I’d say Listen up

The world is a maze find someone you enjoy traversing with Buttercup.

I can see how it feels like you’re all alone,

Because honestly, it’s all you’ve ever known,

It was too dark in your home, you had to leave the confines,

Initially burnt by so much sunshine,

Allow me to be your aloe, soothe and restore you,

It’s beautiful out here, I won’t ever ignore you,

The reality is crashing waves at my feet,

Kissing my toes, contemplation of retreat,

Reality is an expansive cage,

Silver smoke and glittery opal stage,

We were a molten lava created clay vessel,

Scarlet naranja canary, Violet cobalt blades of grass and flower filled temple,

In memoriam to the fact that I will never again see your face,

Raise your glass, let us toast, all the Ones, who have been re-placed







You pacifed your wounds with smoke and spirits

I held hand doubtful, you were deaf to hear it,

This affection is rare and can’t be faked

And you take and take and take

Filling your pockets with the best of my intentions,

Why have I left myself with only crumbs?  The question, my lesson,

I will not allow myself to drop into limerance and only be caught by cold hard Earth,

You could have caught me had you only known your worth,

I can’t convince you of what you don’t know to be true,

This is why my love, I now release you.


I release you that I might hold onto me,


May we find peace and hearts lustrous, beaming, free

NaPoWriMo Day 29: Response to Plath Poetry Project

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


Poem  being responded to:


Spry, wry, and gray as these March sticks,

Percy bows, in his blue peajacket, among the narcissi.

He is recuperating from something on the lung.




Percy needed flight free,

I tried to nurse but he abandoned me,

Yet was he ever really caught?

My heart unworthy cage, all for naught,

I too am in free flight,

As apt to soar in day as night,

My nest awaits,

The fevered taste,

Time will weave sticks into something worthy,

I release all, from birth to sea to infinity


NaPoWriMo Day 8: Poems in which mysterious and magical things occur

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry



Between my ears, a graveyard where his ghost still roams,

His face clear, voice muffled, shadows of our home,
This mausoleum, once a happy place,

Now memory of time, before space,

Sometimes I think he will return but he has abandoned me,

What am I? Princess? Pea?

Why do I survey the clock as if death’s metronome?

There are no hints revealed, just silence and stone,

Phantom love and trust exist no more,

I tried to be like Jesus but surely even he must have kept score,

No one has the capacity to love without conditions,

Some say they’ve solved that mystery but it sounds like superstitions,

Dirt loves dirt because dirt loved dirt first,

Are you the best? Am I the worst?

The coin spins and you see the side you sit on,

Bleakest hopeless before the dawn,

Slam it sticky down on cherry oak, outside from within

The coin still exists,

Now I sing dirges to lull my soul to peace,

Rest peacefully my beloved, go you now from me.


Just beyond us, cerulean sparkle sunbeams en-wrap lime lush leaves

Violet glitter glints of wings

In this garden, the tree of life has roots to crystal streams,

Angels hover, all are lovers, in this sweet daydream,

There is all manner of hope, all manner of prayer,

Think of it and be there,

The scent of rose, peony and lavender soft on the breeze,

Chocolate alibi, sparkling stars and willow trees,

You are everything in between,

All that was and all that will be,

I sail on currents of wind,

Trusting that you will always be my friend,

Dancing into the next phase,

Sustained by hope of another day






Parched in the desert, I wander,


Seeking radiant quartz,

Anchored to Sapphire Ocean

That we would sail together,

Tops of mountains, down the slopes

Mangled, bloody, bruised and broken,

Ice, cracked and frozen,

snow swirls in the breeze of change.