Day Six: Emphasize the Power of “If”

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


Hope I don’t offend,

While you play and pray pretend,

If anyone is listening just know that the devil be playing tricks again,

I’m just trying to live before rigor mortis sets in,

So step in and step up,

If they listened and sent you then, “what’s up?”

You being here

Makes me think it’s all really real,

The depths, the void,

The created and destroyed,

Join me in the generative abyss

Of chaos and kiss,

I try not to  but how can I not think of the what if’s?


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Day Four: Sad Poem

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


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He painted the windows black but I can’t help but to look in (x2)

He painted the windows black but I have broken in, glass (shatter sound)

Just a single pane,

Reveals his motionless face,

“For so long you were mine.  I remember when you were mine”

Funny how it keeps us apart, humming, drumming, heart-beating time.

If I could say anything I’d say Listen up

The world is a maze find someone you enjoy traversing with Buttercup.

I can see how it feels like you’re all alone,

Because honestly, it’s all you’ve ever known,

It was too dark in your home, you had to leave the confines,

Initially burnt by so much sunshine,

Allow me to be your aloe, soothe and restore you,

It’s beautiful out here, I won’t ever ignore you,

The reality is crashing waves at my feet,

Kissing my toes, contemplation of retreat,

Reality is an expansive cage,

Silver smoke and glittery opal stage,

We were a molten lava created clay vessel,

Scarlet naranja canary, Violet cobalt blades of grass and flower filled temple,

In memoriam to the fact that I will never again see your face,

Raise your glass, let us toast, all the Ones, who have been re-placed



Ophedian’s Osculation



It’s coming for us (x3)


Tick tock death’s metronome,

Sickle re-directing infinite cyclical unknown,

What’s the point of this waiting room, are we a cosmic joke?

Some of us choose blindness, others from fevered dreams now awoke,

Wars, genocide, famine, orphans, murder in cold blood, murder in a fire of fury,

Scarcity, insects, rapist’s secrets buried,

It’s coming for us (x3)


So I will cultivate wonder until I’m called home,

Faithful pilgrim, defiled hands and joy filling the marrow of my bones,

If there is a shadow there too must always be light,

“Surely you will not perish,” open up and take a bite.

Muddy Water




Do you like the chase more than the catch?

I want future, you want past,

You get bored when you think,

You possess that which you seek,

But I’m assured that with time,

You’d find you’ll never fully possess that which is my mind,

Maybe I think too much but I think you only bore of yourself,

To be clear, I’m inviting you on an adventure, I don’t want anybody else.

NaPoWriMo Day 13: Ghazal

NaPoWriMo (2017)

Many nights I’ve wondered since the attack, why us?

A shoe is responsible for what we now lack, why us?

How could a shoe destroy our entire family, why us?

We feel like we’re lost at turbulent sea, why us?

We don’t even know the color of the shoe, why us?

There must be a reason for what shoes do, why us?

We were shocked to learn that we are the shoe, we are the star, why us?

Unlocked from stagnation, freed from bell jar, why us?



'The humans have weapons of mass destruction.'