Day 16: A List to De-familiarize the Mundane

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry



Button-less buttons and swipe-able screens,

Unlocked infinite potential and dreams,

Melodies and beloved voices,

Complex and mundane choices,

In my pocket,

Modern locket,

Text and images, sent and received,

Digital connections forming instant memories.





Day 1: NaPoWriMo Secret shame, or a secret pleasure

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry, Uncategorized



In the abyss of your kiss is bliss,

I am made anew baptized in your eyes,

As you commune, flushed flesh, forbidden wine,

Waves crashing and receding,

Words copious with inferred meanings,

Ocean womb of cocoon,
Envelopes you,

You a desert lullaby,

Lulled to sleep by buds of springtime