NaPoWriMo Day 12: Haibun

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry



Ruddy trees stretch longingly towards slate skies

Birds weave feathers and air

Seeking smooth stones from fossil lined banks


Icy blue eyes, burning warmth

Opal fish scales, coral from time before

Skip stones, “be here now”

NaPoWriMo Day 5: Translucence

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


Day 5 NaPoWriMo: Begin with a photograph. Now find a poem in a language you don’t know (here’s a good place to look!) Ignore any accompanying English translation (maybe cover it up, or cut-and-paste the original into a new document). Now start translating the poem into English, with the idea that the poem is actually “about” your photograph. Use the look and feel of the words in the original to guide you along as you write, while trying to describe your photograph.


Excerpt from BABÍ HODINA:

A to, co slyší, nevidí

co cítí, že neuznává

Vůně vyvolává paměť

ale paměť očí nehovoří

do paměti sluchu a dotyku

drží pouze úzkost



Prostředky dělat to, co to neznamená

to, co dělá, jde a dělá

něco jiného po celé dny

v posteli i přes to

kdo opustil ji a

který žije sám

osud kostí a země


NaPoWriMo Poem Inspired by Photograph and Viola Fischerova’s poem:

A bird makes me their nest

As I nestle into soft Earth,

What luck that we should meet like this?

Alone, together?

I fight and prize my freedom,


 Flight of molasses , awaiting new chances,

To be a bird, to fly in flight

Nothing would be finer than to try

After I’ve made weary my wings,

May the Earth again hold and redistribute me.


Actual Translation:

And what she hears she does not see

what she feels she does not grasp

The scent prompts the memory

but the memory of eyes does not speak

to the memory of hearing and touch

holds only the anxiety

of the unknown


Means to do what does not mean does

what she does goes and does

something other for whole days

in bed in spite of him

who left her and

who lives alone

the fate of bones and of earth




Summer Refrain/frame


Circling the Sun are feather clouds and rainbow rings

Scarlet cardinals carve fluid lines between

Verdant and Aquamarine

 Linen butterflies drink nectar from

Exploding lilac petals with violet tipped lime-pineapple leaves

 Death kissed baby bird fatal fallen from the nest

Persisting songs of winged-ones, form a communion of peaceful protest

Their living and singing equate to a pleading

Peacefully rest, as the universe’s consonant heart continues beating


I am


 Gratitude, breath & sugar spun bones,

Sola fidelis & never alone



Poetry for Pantheists



The creek ripples, the birds sing,

The bells of leaves are shaken by the warm breeze,

Lime and fluttering, they wave hello to me,

The wheat is scattered for, by and with my ancestors.

Barefoot and brave, I march on,

Calling and hugging the Earth,

Mama, manna, I’m home.






Cobalt crystals line the driveway to my dreams
I seek sages to tell me what that might mean
And they tell me
Child, be still, seek peace,
Radiate resplendently.
You must only seek secret ways
To riverbanks and trees
Birds that sing praises of heroes unsung who still sing.
Wrapped in the wings of something holy,
The nest now a whisper of a memory.
Grace will move when she’s ready,
You must only wait.