NaPoWriMo Day 17: Family Anecdote

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


No hard feelings, it was the curse

You were destined to be first,

The curse made me strong seeking that which could not stand,

You’ll find in time, the curse will have made you a stronger man,

We will both move on

Sing new songs,

Into the river they leapt arms locked, it was war,

Now is after, that was before,

Now it’s time for seeds to scatter,

We’ll always have Jesus and the latter,

Don’t be bitter, it was just the curse,

You were destined to be first

Clear Lake


My Grandmother is now a bed of scattered stones,

My Grandfather, the cold, cutting breeze across my cheek,

My Mother, the forgiving lotus,

My Sister, the twinkling stars,

My Father, the familiar stranger,

& She teaches me to trust,

& He teaches me to love,

& I am

a cobalt feather,

riding the breeze of my ancestors,

all the way home.



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Poetry for Pantheists



The creek ripples, the birds sing,

The bells of leaves are shaken by the warm breeze,

Lime and fluttering, they wave hello to me,

The wheat is scattered for, by and with my ancestors.

Barefoot and brave, I march on,

Calling and hugging the Earth,

Mama, manna, I’m home.