Day Nine: Sei Shonagan Style List of Things (Things that lift the heart)

NaPoWriMo2019, Poetry

Like milk on your lips,

Cherry scarlet rose petal tips,

Golden amber sunsets and ocean citrus sunsets,

Groundhog-less days and no regrets,

Another chance, a word well articulated,

Love and unity that flourish in spite of the debated,

Spoon in the mug,

Warmth of a hug,

A hope of a new tomorrow,

Tears caught with every sorrow,

Fireflies, sparklers and glitter,

It’s official,

The past is making me better not bitter




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Day 8: Argot of a particular job or profession

NaPoWriMo (2019)

Cigarettes and incense burn down the same no matter the day of the week,

I’m sugar bated breath and you jaded candy coated death, can hardly speak,

If I’d have known it was going to be this easy,

I’d have stuck to pulling teeth,

Yeah, you’re normal for Norfolk, I guess the same could be said of me.



Day Seven: Gifts/Joys

NaPoWriMo2019, Poetry


I guess if there is a gift,

It’s feeling close to you in spite of the rift,

You were flight free from a cliff,

Spiked my adrenaline,

Foregoing risk,

At what profit?

Name yourself Victor of a new story,

I will only ever possess no less than God given potential and hard won glory

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Day Six: Emphasize the Power of “If”

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


Hope I don’t offend,

While you play and pray pretend,

If anyone is listening just know that the devil be playing tricks again,

I’m just trying to live before rigor mortis sets in,

So step in and step up,

If they listened and sent you then, “what’s up?”

You being here

Makes me think it’s all really real,

The depths, the void,

The created and destroyed,

Join me in the generative abyss

Of chaos and kiss,

I try not to  but how can I not think of the what if’s?


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Day Five: Villanelle

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry



Salty honeycomb crunch through my teeth,

You were the life and death of me,

I had to let you go so we both could breathe.

Someday I hope you get it, I clung to you as I fleed in retreat,

Salty honeycomb crunch through my teeth,

I had to let you go so we both could breathe.

Every day I sought you though I was kaleidoscopically free,

Salty honeycomb crunch through my teeth,

I had to let you go so we both could breathe.

I’ll never “forget” you, don’t go forgetting me,

Salty honeycomb crunch through my teeth,

I had to let you go so we both could breathe.

I remember the exact timbre and pitch,

of you repeatedly calling me b*tch,

You were the flame I couldn’t resist,

It was sick, may this poem remind you, I never thought of you as garbage.

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Day Four: Sad Poem

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


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He painted the windows black but I can’t help but to look in (x2)

He painted the windows black but I have broken in, glass (shatter sound)

Just a single pane,

Reveals his motionless face,

“For so long you were mine.  I remember when you were mine”

Funny how it keeps us apart, humming, drumming, heart-beating time.

If I could say anything I’d say Listen up

The world is a maze find someone you enjoy traversing with Buttercup.

I can see how it feels like you’re all alone,

Because honestly, it’s all you’ve ever known,

It was too dark in your home, you had to leave the confines,

Initially burnt by so much sunshine,

Allow me to be your aloe, soothe and restore you,

It’s beautiful out here, I won’t ever ignore you,

The reality is crashing waves at my feet,

Kissing my toes, contemplation of retreat,

Reality is an expansive cage,

Silver smoke and glittery opal stage,

We were a molten lava created clay vessel,

Scarlet naranja canary, Violet cobalt blades of grass and flower filled temple,

In memoriam to the fact that I will never again see your face,

Raise your glass, let us toast, all the Ones, who have been re-placed



Day Three: A poem that takes time

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


I thought I heard you once, singing to me in my sleep,

I woke from fevered daze, reminding myself for years via almost forgotten melody,

Once I thought I would cup your rose tips

But the softness was actually ashes,

I don’t have time for your lack of reactions,

You be the base, I’ll be the acid,

I want only my name whispered by your lips,

Can you occupy more than just my hips?


Leafy footsteps,

sunset approaches,


I don’t mean to sound like I’m like lacking gratitude,

Mama said “better pick a good one, watch your attitude”

Trusting the River when all its ever done is try to drown me,

I’m caught in the undertow, can you be a lifeline and surround me?

This is the part where there is clarity, fate or chance?

No, I think this is the part where we danced.


If we’re witnessing a great fracture,

Is it possible that we ourselves are the suture?

Coexisting parallels,

Cyclical before and afters, heavens and hells,

I thought I heard you once singing to me in my sleep,

Trying to remember that you only speak to me in melodies.


Listening like an astute grasshopper,

Lucky like a dragonfly visiting a Poet, Priest and Pauper

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Day Two: Ending on a question

NaPoWriMo (2019)


Consider me crazy, a wavy raving lunatic,

Am I though or is it society that’s f*cking sick?

I was popcorn pop, shocked, he demanded I go to church,

Now I find myself wishing I could reverse His curse.

He told me “women can’t be priests” and He raped her,

What is the common dis-empowerment denominator?

To be born woman is to be relegated : virgin, whore, wife, goddess

Will it ever evolve beyond this?

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NaPoWriMo Day 1: Dis-instruction poem- tells the reader how not to do something

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


Saucy fragrant meat stuffed and filling fluffy white seams bursting tortillas,

Topped with clouds of cream and bioluminescent extra sharp orange cheeses

I had to sub marinara for tomato paste

Which wasn’t a big deal since I added cumin anyway,

All I know is, these are the most in-authentic enchiladas

but they taste like my mother’s love,

I  humbly receive eucharist bubbling,

I let go of all that is troubling,

Even if I tried and died to do the “right” thing the “wrong” way,

Thank Grace for shimmering kaleidoscope and enduring sun’s rays.