He wanted closure and I always felt obligated,

Why was it he said I was beloved but treated me like I was the one he hated?

We should’ve never dated,

Even though I knew I wasn’t his medicine, he was convinced I was,

And it was useless resisting because,

Once I saw the pinprick of light in his hallway,

It was all I needed to convince myself to stay.

Even so, there came a day

When data was undeniably conclusive even before the gun was waved,

I buried myself in his eyes that day,

I wish it could’ve been *any* other way,

Here is your closure:

You taught me to distrust everyone including myself,

But I’ve pulled my own wisdom from the shelf,

You were teacher and lesson,

Uncovered layers of strength a blessing,

Letting you go was the only way it could be,

Your problems started long before me,

I know it feels like it will kill you but “let go” of me,

We both deserve to be free

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